List of the probable investigations I might do for Action 10

Ownership of data? How can we tax digital data? are there any regulations how much data Corporates can store? Who’s data is it? can the user directly sell the data? How crazy are the terms and conditions? lo have we ever read it?

Democratising electricity? What if everyone could generate their own clean electricity? and share it?

Investigating product life cycle? the hidden idea that everything you trash magically disappears.

Role of a designer in a pandemic? What can I do? What should I do?

Different modes of interaction?

Investigation practise of death? is there a better way? study different practices. the sentiments behind it the religion behind it. how can we steer it to a different mode. This practise is thousand of years old … can we really change it. are there agencies that provide end to end service in India? what about abroad? how does an Indian Hindu follow its practise in foreign land

Explore materials…. probably cement sheets to design furniture.

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