Action 10 This is new to me! I A natural nature play.

As I was stuck with what to do next with my action, I went to the park next to my house. I picked up some leaves and twigs, I didn’t know what I was going to do with them. I was just gathering. I came home and washed the leaves. Next to the basin were some peeled potatoes skins. I liked the contrast of the color with my green so I took them to. When I placed them on my table I loved the contrast of it with the red cloth under the glass on my table. So I got a rill of red thread.

I didn’t know what to do with them. I started to play with these materials. I stitched some leaves together.

I thought what if I had more time and more leaves and tread. I could go on weaving this enormous sheet of leaves!! What would I do with such a big of sheet? Made a eco-friendly shade for my windows? or a matt for street dogs?

I embroidered a leaf too. hahah so exciting!!

I played with the potato peel too. I cut it into square and stitched it too! it was very starchy! I love the color contrast.!! If I had plenty of them I could make a shear out of it!! would look so cool and medieval !

I got excited with these things lol. I saw a face like structure in the potatoes, I felt like lets me make a wig of leaves and make a face. I stitched the peels and leaves together.

I felt like he seems too lonely! He needs family! So i made him a family!

I named them Bera, Neri and Kullu their son.

Now I can’t stop. They NEED a House!!!

The peel family in their new home.

Below are other random explorations on different backgrounds, and things

I got a lot of twigs and I stuck them together with glue on paper.

I totally enjoyed playing with nature! at first, I was a bit hesitant. But once I started playing with the materials I got comfortable and things just started flowing easily after. I was also very hesitant doing an action of video sketching earlier this action helped me a bit to do storyboarding in my mind.

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