Action #3


– Start at the screen, and make into new spaces!
– Your making should be an attempt to understand and explain a theoretical construct on the stretch lexicon. Consider making, to understand which phrase your working on…research through design.
– Use the list of making terms found on the moodle for guidance and think of yourself as exploring, not necessarily answering.

Starting from something completely off-screen is quite difficult for me since I almost did everything with my screen on. And even in these decades, after experience the internet boom, it becomes harder and harder for people to get rid of the screen. Especially for us generation z people. So I decided to go back to a time where I haven’t start using computer, what did I do this time?

This is a photo I took last year at a kite festival in a city near my hometown.

What I can remember before I have my very first computer and nintendo nds, I usually enjoy flying a kite with my friends in our city central park or open land in countryside. It was a good memory to me, but it seems nowadays there is no space for kite in the city.

So, what is the ideal life for human in the future? It’s a common-sense that robots gonna be part of our life (even my father agreed this idea), but what else from that? I think is important and essential to consider the relationship between city and nature.

This is a Japanese anime from last century which is called cowboy bebop, and this might the first time for me to consider about human life in future, like city in future, human in future, will us move to space and etc.

This anime is a sci-fiction one about the futuristic misadventures and tragedies of an easygoing bounty hunter and his partners in the space, they go from job to job across the galaxy looking for the high priced fugitives to bag. The music of this series is amazing, it’s the first time I enjoyed jazz, also the plot is fantastic and romantic. Most of all, for me this is more like a starting point to consider our lives living in the city.

From the SKETCH Lexicon, there is a topic about ecologically literate. Anf for me, it is a topic more like how to make a sustainable human society?

Since my background is based on wood science, I’m used to working digitally, like use AutoCAD/c4d/illustrator. The way of extending the studio for me is more like looking for new and more effective ways to connect our thoughts in distance. And these are the ideas coming to my mind.

This one is Brock Commons in UBC, a student dorm made from 100% wood, as the time it was open, it is the tallest wood-building in the world. And wood is a excellent material for sustainable.

Also, this pic is an example that people try to enjoy their city life with nature (those greens) in their house, but it looks a little bit messy. This is the problem I’m struggling with, how do people and nature coexist harmoniously in the city?

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