Action #8

In this action, I’m continuing my study on “zero-waste lifestyle”, I’ve found it’s not enough just reusing scrap.

The core of “zero-waste lifestyle” actually refers to the various kinds of waste generated in production and life, which can be used as raw materials for other industries and maximize the reuse of domestic waste.

The method is to apply the principle of sustainable development to the management of resources and waste, with the goal of eliminating waste and toxic emissions, reducing the need for resources, and achieving reuse and recycling of resources.

To achieve zero waste, the first step is to update the idea that there is no such thing as useless material in nature and that the only creature that produces waste is human. Meanwhile, it is important to find the added value of garbage, to establish a new concept that garbage is also a resource and a valuable renewable resource, to reduce the generation of garbage through various means, to strengthen the recycling of resources, and ultimately to achieve zero waste.

To achieve this, I start to record my daily-life by making dairy.

I collected waste that I used throughout the day and tried to use them to complete my dairy, including putting together shopping receipts to remind me of my daily purchases and cutting up brown paper bags to use as dairy writing paper.

The left one is an example made of cut shopping bags.

The paper on the left is pieced together from the day’s shopping tickets.

The one on the left has a picture of where I visited the day, I cut it out of a free travel brochure.

This action is more of a self-reflection, reminding myself that I waste more than I think I do by keeping track of my daily consumption. And I found this is a good method to do self-reflection. I never recognize that I waste so much before I start tracking my day. By keeping a diary in this way, I have better control over my shopping craving, I think twice before I buy things, and I reduce a lot of unnecessary impulse purchases.

And I decided to post on my social media in a monthly basis, trying to encourage more people.

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