This term so far has been about me going between ideas of nature and ideas of traversing or creating a sense of place in the city. I was struggling to reconcile these two themes, how does nature fit into the city experience, how do they align?

In looking at the last blog post at ‘breathe’ and ‘deep in the brightest shades of green’ I realised that the former didn’t work to relax or create room for pause outside of the activities of active meditation or minfulness, and the latter seemed a little heavy handed on reflection. I also found myself steering towards the natural world part of the theme too much, to the exclusion of the stimulating city experience. I wanted to combine both themes but wasn’t sure how.

The city, for me, means culture, experiences, designed streets and signage, independent makers etc. And I’ve always wanted to hear more from these independent makers to see how that culture forms in a city.

What I shorthanded to ‘nature’ is really pausing in the city, observing it. Thinking about what aspects of it contribute to a sense of place.

So what if you took ‘whisper’ as a persona. One that observes the city. It ‘observes’ by occassional urban poetry to set the tone and then seeks out those graphic designers who also work to that tone, who identify with the feeling of a sense of place within their city. This influences their work and they feedback into that independent design culture. What if ‘whisper’ became a collection of curated graphic design interviews?

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