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Prepping for this, after our presentation last week has been an acknowledgement that I am only now learning how to articulate the problem space. Well, to be honest, coming closer to finding the words to do so. Or at least what the wrong words are.

As Craig said, it is not about prepping a perfect exhibit of finished pieces but provoking discussions around what you want to discuss. Now this above might not work in reality but it is closer than a polished end piece.

Figure 14.1. Pencil paused at 60%,in the making, curator Barber Osgerby, Design Museum, London, 2014. Photograph: HelenCharman, courtesy of the Design Museum, London.
Charman, Helen. “Just What is It that Makes Curating Design so Different, so Appealing?.” Design Objects and The Museum. Ed. LizFarrelly and Joanna Weddell . London: Bloomsbury Academic, 2016. 137–148. Bloomsbury Design Library. Web. 24 Oct. 2022.

Something to do with design being about process and showing that process, as exemplified above, stuck with me and I wondered if you can do something around that. Again not sure my exact idea will work in practice but, the thinking through of it, the taking the idea of it into practice-based research is critical in visually and conceptually thinking it through. This and when I talked through my DS project I realised I wanted dialogue about graphic design and not to do it in isolation and so to get the conversation perhaps you have to not always provide the answers.

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