About Me

My name is Kaiwen (Curtis) Yang, and I’m a second-year Master of Design (Interaction Design) student at Emily Carr University of Art and Design. As an alumnus from Oregon State University with a degree in Design and Innovation Management, I am passionate about implementing my knowledge and skills in supporting the voice of marginalized groups.

Currently, I’m using my expertise in Architectural and Interior Design to rebuild communities based on speculative scenarios. I use “Alternative History and Speculative Present” as a new initiative to re-present the unique history and present. My works are determined to encourage designers and artists to have disciplined empathy for historically underrepresented groups and bring awareness to social issues for de-colonialism and stand against racism.

Contact Me

Visit my virtual studio: almightycurtis.shapespark.com/kaiwen-studio

Email me: kyang40891@ecuad.ca