Fall 2021 Final critique | Process documentation

The context
During a recent trip to Greece I visited the same semi-private beach on a daily basis and observed the ever changing colour of the sea. From the moment I could perceive the sea from the above stairs, to when I was swimming in it, my perception and understanding of the colour kept on changing. While sitting on the edge of the water, it was a beautiful gradient of light blue to turquoise.  And yet, upon swimming in it the colour changed to a deep blue leaning towards sapphire. The only constant being the horizon line that grounded me and offered a point of reference. From the horizon line I could understand the turquoise nuances by comparing it to the elements surrounding it, rather it be the sky, the cliffs around the water or the cityscape that embraced the water in a far distance. Logically I understand that the sea is blue due to the absorption and scattering of light which changes depending on my angle of view. And yet, I can’t make sense of it and find myself dazzled by its ever changing beauty.

Everyday, I returned to the same beach and everyday the water offered a different variation of blues and turquoises. One day we met the fellow who lives above the cliffs in a house overlooking the sea. In our conversation, he said something that stayed with me. “Today, the water is very special, very special today.” What made it special to him? Was it the colour? The calmness? The reflection? Or this current moment? I felt and related to that specialness. It is with that memory in my mind that I started the new production of paintings.

The reference images or memories of

The research within the exhibit space: Warm lights and horizon line

Studio research: Colour, horizon line, form and warm light
Turquoise, Ultramarine blue, cerulean blue, cadmium yellow, Titanium white and raw umber.

Studio research with warm light

Painting the foundation for large piece

More studies

It is now time to stretch the large piece, Blue Element #1 and run some lighting test.

Next images will be installation test :). Exciting.

Installation: Wednesday Dec 1st
Preview: Thursday Dec 2nd
Critique: Friday Dec 3rd, Invited artist: Landon Mackenzie
Exhibition open to the public: Saturday Dec 4th , 9-5pm

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