From quilts to scrolls

This is what I did Friday and Sunday for 5 hours total (with breaks): I wrote almost all the news headlines I had recorded in March. The studio was deserted on Sunday, so it was really quiet. I listened to the art history lecture–on modernism–from the course I’m auditing.

I asked myself how it felt to re-write these headlines in this way–on a large and long piece of paper…sitting on the floor, on a chair, going up a ladder. I felt it was more of an embodied experience than when I was writing them in my sketchbook. Definitely, a calmer experience. It was like processing, working through something.

Recognizing routine in my practice

So, I was all set on this quilt idea, but then, after talking with Birthe and Henry I realized I needed to spend more time with the material I’ve been collecting. Why did I start making a record of news headlines? What was I thinking/feeling that pushed me to start this routine which consisted of checking the news on my laptop and writing them out in my sketchbook. I reminded myself that I often work with routines:

  • March 2019 – March 2020: I went into my home studio and set with fabric, needle, and thread for 2 hours each day. I wasn’t always successful sticking with the schedule but that was the intention.
  • October 2019-March 2020: Every day I walked with my dog, I picked up a stick then took it to the studio and wrapped it in yarn. The wrapping would take 15 minutes – 1 hour. Sometimes, I wrapped more than one stick. I hung the sticks on my walls.
  • 2018: For a year, I recorded how many times I went to a yoga session, how many times I did yoga at home, how many times I meditated, how many days I worked at my job, how many times I went to a coffee shop. In 2019, I stitched my data.
  • there’s more, but you get the idea


I was thinking of creating an object of comfort

How do I work with the covid-19 news headlines I’ve been recording since March? I had this image in my head of transfering the headlines to a quilt…because we take the news with us to bed. Many of us look at a phone or ipad before bed and upon waking up…news, news, all the time, so even the space that should be comforting us is compromised.

How do you check-in when you arrive in the studio?

I enter the space and then what…

I need a moment to settle in…I am here. What do I want to do?

I made a large notebook which has become my portal into saying hello to the studio. I am here today, at this time, and I feel like this…I saw….I heard….I felt…

It’s a way to get grounded in very ungrounded times. It will undoubtly become a record of this time, this very strange time.

How would working with food work these days? How can it be used to connect?

I thought I would explore the use of video…to perhaps formulate an idea of what it would be like/could be like to use an online workshop format: Food + zoom + me + others.

But before “this time” I had been thinking of exploring the physical/face-to-face workshop format as an art format. But how would it differ from a regular workshop? What makes it art?

Books mentioned:
The Futurist Cookbook by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti
Digesting Recipes: The Art of Culinary Notation by Susannah Worth.