Action 6 – Smell, look and taste good

We will investigate connection and intuition through the action of cooking and dishing up.

Elham and I decided to registered all of our meals and food we ate for 3 days and shared with each other. The idea was to come up with some material and source to a start with and reflect on caring, connections and intuition. We would exchange them on monday and have no talk about it.

Elham sent me pictures of her meals for 3 days

 When the pictures arrived on monday, I got really emotional about it.  I was very thankful for that sharing experience, grateful for her disponilility and effort to register her meals and could feel part of her life and family. Meals can be such an intimate information and talks so much about your every day actions and feelings. I could smell those pictures, and taste them in a sense (I wish very hard we could taste them for real).
Well, we agreed not to talk much about it, but I felt I have to share those emotions with her. <3  and asked her to cook a meal for me as soon as we arrive in Vancouver :))))

Comparing our meals, we got a lot in common

First thing we do instinctually is to connect information with you, with your life and reality. So that’s my comparison with hers to my food, the pictures I sent her. Much in common, bread, coffe/tea, fruit, seeds/ nuts, processed candy, salad, rice and chicken.

First attempt to classify her food

My second action was an attempt to classify her food, using my instincts and information trying to guess its importance, temperature and kind of food in a meal composition.

Circle of Food Care

After that, I tried to imagine a Circle of Food Care where certain kinds of food would care for others related to its classification but having each one their relevant and unique role in the meal and people’s lives.

Iranian traditional embroidery
My gift for Elham

As an outcome for the Circle of Care, I wanted to return Elham’s effort on sharing her life and intimacy with me with a gift. She had told me before about her textile and fashion previous and current work and actions and for me, getting out of my comfort zone of Brazilian culture exploration (which I love but still much easier for me) would be not only challenging but scary. What scares me the most was the fact of questioning myself on my previous actions “What does it mean to design for people who have different histories, different backgrounds, and different commitments from us?”. When I’m scared, I freeze, it blocks my creativity and my ideas flow. Was I afraid of other’s judgement?
I mean, it’s just a studio practice, but will this make sense at all?
When I call it a gift, is that a try to take out my responsibility on that action?

This collage was not co-created with Elham, but I showed her before posting it here as a way of having that kind of cultural endorsement. She loved it and I felt ambiguous about it.
Our knowledge should be question and attention points of our work and practice. They should not block our creativity. Bonne talked a lot about that in our dialogue classes, challenging us to act and not to freeze about all those new information addition.

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