Action 9 – Tones of Value

I will investigate co-creation through a workshop with our children.

After Elham’s and Louise’s suggestion to make an action with my “mothers” cohorts, I met with Angela and Pat to plan that. After a nice and experience exchange talk, we decided to each one create a workshop each other’s kid.

Angela created and sent this workshop for us

That was Angela’s workshop she sent us with a list of words, also in Portuguese (soooo thoughtful).
So first step was to look for objects in nature that matches that word in someway.
I let Tom really free for that, just trying to make some inquiries to help (trying not to direct or suggest too much) when he said he didn’t know what to choose.

Investigating and looking for
His Clover’s drawing, which he considered his favorite pick.

After gathering his finds, we had to choose his favorite which was the clover.
More adjectives to that: potatoble, 3 petals
Feelings: anxiety – feel like i want to take it out
Sound: ffffffff…like a wind, whisper

The clover was something that already showed in my previous action about playing. My aunt has taught him to “take weeds out” from the ground using a tool which made him really proud of learning and doing that.
When he picked the clover, which he considered fragile but also special, and sadly thought that was something he wanted to take it off from the ground. It made me feel really uncomfortable and reflect a lot about what we consider “weed”and useless for us, and of course not for nature and the whole environment around.
Well, that is a question we face for a while, since gardening and caring for plants was introduced to him; “What makes a plant good and worth for caring or not? Why are some plants more important than others?”

INSIGHTS: Why men have this “necessity” of classification and hierarchy things, people, everything?

After this reflection, big tragedy hit the news:
“A black man was strangled and killed by security guard in a supermarket in Brazil, just like George Floyd.”
Every 23 minutes, a black man is killed in Brazil, we have very alarming data and information going on, and nothing is being done. After this tragedy, our vice-president said in national television “There is no such thing as racism in Brazil”.
So much anger, madness going through most of Brazilians minds (myself including), asking for justice, equity and clarity for the facts happening.

Presstone – Instagram profile

Presstone is a instagram profile that shows how the tone of your skin influences how the media publish a message.
When you’re white “Lawyer is arrested by drug dealing”, when you’re black “Murdered of TV Globo photographer is arrested in Morro do Tuiuti.” The darker your skin is, it’s assumed your guilty by the media, in the opposite way, the lighter your skin is, your professional assets is highlighted over the crime committed.

After making this reflection, I went back to nature finds and classify them by color scale.

INSIGHTS: Does nature have a color classification? Tones of value?
Nature uses color to hide and emphasise something when needed but never in a scale of importance as man do.
Men, even being from the same “specie” (investigate concept) use classification and scales to control and oppress other men and other beings.

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