Action 11 – Context

I will investigate myself through the self-awareness of my present situation.

Design and Nature
• Design for ecological relationally is deeply context dependent; valid and proper knowledge comes from the context in which it occurs. Only with deep under standing of specific local conditions can we begin the relational work of tending (Berry, 2002).
• “In Buddhist teachings, relationships become a third knowing: “You and I are the same thing, yet I am not you and you are not me… There is a reality that transcends all dualities” (Loori, 2007: 36).
• Setting aside discursive mind and turning back to the moment, turning attention to the felt sensations, to the body and breath, time after time: this is the practice.
• ‘inter-are’ , to inscribe interdependence as an ongoing way of being, an ontology, a path, rather than a fixed understanding or theory.

After reading some chapters of “Design and Nature: A Partnership.” (2019, Kate Fletcher, Louise St. Pierre, Mathilda Tham) and participating of Earth Logic workshop many new thoughts, questions and reflections came to my mind.

Considering nature and humans as just one thing, was always on my ideas “we are part of nature”but still, when it goes to practice work, I always tend to talk about nature as something external. It’s unreal how it is so embedded in our mind, “go to nature”, “went back to nature” as going to a park, my backyard, trees, animals, grass, forest, beach.

After accepting this holistic and much wider concept of nature, I realize how hard contradictory it was for me to detach and attach myself in a context.

Becoming a mother is for sure the most challenging fact in my life and the biggest issue on that is recognising your son as a separate being that you are responsible for but not part of. You have no control of him even though it seems like you have it all. So reflecting about myself being a inter-being, it went deeply on my context situation.

Who am I now? What is my present situation? What am I part of now? Where do I belong now?

The NOW and PRESENT part is very crucial to start this reflection.

I’ve been struggling to keep focus on that through all this uncertain situation. It has not being easy to anyone who planned to make a huge move and now is just waiting for that, and having not to do about it. I’ve been experiencing anxiety and depressed moments, difficulty to sleep alternating to moments I am very thankful for my life, aware of my privileges and the community I am part of. My counselling is all about looking at the REAL possibilities, doing what is possible and focusing on the present.

Belonging was part of my reflection on ACTION 1 – Home ground, completing a full CIRCLE of reflection.

We were encourage to make the immersive reflection through the entire work process, I did use this some times, but now it made sense totally. It took me sometime to understand the importance of being present not only considering the research, the work, the assignments but life itself. At this moment, I am sure I can not separate any of this, they are all part of myself and my present.

ACTION for the future term and through my break: I started a meditation program and I’ll practice this time for myself (in a natural sight if possible) and self-reflexion about being present and inter-being. Try to write words, thoughts and sketch something every day for the next month.

Starting a new reflexive practice today

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