GSMD 500 | Fall 2021

Prompt Two: Daily Making

This project focused on developing a daily making practice, whether it be digital or analog. Over a span of two weeks I worked with seeking out, analyzing, capturing and processing “textures” I would come across day to day. 

Over the course of Summer 2021, my freelance practice heavily involved Creative Direction, Branding and Production work with Musicians around Vancouver. I enjoy working with a variety of textures and materials, with an aim at bringing a sense of physicality to digital pieces. I also have a background in photography, which allowed me to create physical textures and takes photos of pieces that I would not be able to replicate in Photoshop / image processing software. 

During the next few days I captured a variety of textures, taking the most interesting images from the day and playing around with them through Photoshop. This was an exciting process as it opened my eyes to a variety of tools that Photoshop offers and how they interact with an image. 

After advising with my Professor Cameron Neat, we touched on the idea of Abstraction and carried this forward to the naming convention for each set of textures. 

After completing our Daily Making, we were tasked with tying the process and experience to the idea of “Origins”. A few key ideas came out of this process in regards to Origins:

  • Each image can be taken in an infinite amount of directions, through continuous processing and blending media
  • All these possibilities in process also may produce the exact same or similar results through a completely different set of steps 
  • Abstraction: what makes an image recognizable? How can an abstracted image tie back to it’s origin? 

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