Exploring Collaboration | Spring 2022

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Collaborative Exploration

Brief: Creating two playlists consisting of music to work to, one focused on focus, the other on energy and inspiration. These playlists are a compilation of songs recommended by classmates and continues to evolve, with the intention to duplicate the playlists other other streaming platforms for accessibility. Spotify was the initial choice for platform as it offers a collaborative feature allowing anyone to add their selections. 

Although it was very exciting to gather new soundscapes and share music with my peers, this project felt like passive collaboration and that is not necessarily an avenue I wish to explore. Although interesting, I would like to shift my focus to have interventions that are more present and reactive, such as a workshop or a design sprint. In curating a more active situation to work in I hope to find those small moments and interactions that I believe are the most collaborative, and the form of work I wish to explore further.

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Flyer for playlist brief.

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