Exploring Collaboration | Spring 2022

“Run and Gun” | Workshops

“Run&Gun” is a workshop series developed and delivered in Collaboration with Vidhurshan Manohara. V is a multimedia Artist working as a Creative Director and Producer.

Parlour by Haides is a Barbershop and Salon based in Surrey, BC. I was visiting the shop for a haircut one day when head barber Gino was capturing some content on his phone. We spoke a bit and I shared some tips and techniques. Gino then asked if I would put together a workshop at Haides, specifically focusing on creating content using a mobile device.

The phrase “Run & Gun” is a play on words to categorize a production method that V and I offer. It refers to a level of creating content that is low-production, using small camera rigs and equipment, mainly opting for capturing with mobile devices. We spent some time together to ideate what the workshop structure will look like, eventually resulting in the current proposal below. 

This workshop is broken down four sections, with a small break in between to decompress and understand what concerns the group is facing with their content.

Putting together the workshop was a relatively seamless process – V’s work aligns with my own practice, having creative direction and production experience in similar fields. We both have set experience as well as experience creating with our mobile devices. We were both able to tackle a wide range of content and techniques that spanned further than just the content creation. We noted how Haides has a relationship with various communities in Surrey, having a long history and unique story. This is something we wanted each of the barbers to emphasize and bring to their content, the brand and the story behind Haides, and what it means to be a part of the team. This seamless process translated into a great delivery of the workshop, as V and I were able to delivery all the mains ideas and methods, transitioning to a production session for the second half of the workshop. The Haides team has gone on to continue creating content for the shop and personal social media pages.

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