I’m Nargis Shaikh (she/her), a software engineer and graphic designer from India, now an MDes (Interaction) student here at Emily Carr University. 😊

I’m interested in exploring XR technologies & my work so far investigates ways to facilitate the transition of traditional art for contemporary adaptations. ✨

Open Studio

I am pleased to invite you to my Open Studio space at the C3234 MDes studio – 4th November 2021 (12 pm – 4 pm).

Heritage Tour in VR

♦️ Keywords

Emerging tech, behaviour modification, social empathy, multiculturalism, ethics in VR.

♦️ Research Questions
  1. In what ways can Virtual Reality (VR) support cultural heritage preservation and restoration? – Iconography, artforms, heritage structures, literature, artefacts and traditions/practices.
  2. How can VR experiences be designed to understand context of different cultures and effectively influence social behaviour?

♦️ Actions

Collaborative design, gamification, storytelling & problem solving – reverse traversal.