ACTION 10 STUDIO I - Student Directed Action

10. Draw the line

I will investigate the interdependence/interconnections of all of my previous actions through the making strategy of Storyboarding and Mind Mapping.

For investigating and communicating the connections between my actions so far, I decided to use Storyboarding and Mind Mapping.

I felt Storyboarding would be an appropriate method for describing my process during this term as it would allow me to represent the events developing through time clearly. In addition, Storyboarding was an excellent excuse for getting to draw once again, and it would also allow me to observe and redraw some of those things I didn’t feel so represented with, like one of the images in the diagram of Action 2, for instance.

Mapping is a method I hadn’t used before until some weeks ago, and it’s become a useful tool for me since then. In this particular case, I thought a mind map could work pretty well for making explicit the more abstract connections and even finding threads I hadn’t previously seen. I’m including below the link to a Miro board with the map.

As a bonus track, I included some Video Sketching featuring Aerosmith, because I can always include Aerosmith and because the name of the song and album matched pretty well part of my journey through the actions in Studio.

Mind map
Click on image to open Miro board. Otherwise:

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