ACTION 11 STUDIO I - Student Directed Action

11. Weaving in progress

This is Action 11, the last one. I thought this was a nice opportunity for me to pick up some of the things I came through during this first term, and trying to take them to a new stage for what is next to come.

I came back to the wire once again, but this time with the idea of generating surfaces and exploring with lines, density, light and movement, and the resulting changes in texture, contour and shape. For this purpose, I went into my first explorations with weaving with the idea of making some kind of mesh. This is the beginning of something I’m gonna keep exploring for sure and, hopefully, this can become part of my language and practice in the future. In the meantime, I’ll just keep weaving.


(but just for now)

Thanks to my wife, Agustina, who took care of the footage while my hands were busy.
Gotta give credit!

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