ACTION 7 STUDIO I - Student Directed Action

7. The moment of the waste (this used to be drinking water)

This action is the continuation for ACTION 6: A chronicle of waste.

In Action 6 I made a little research about my water consumption by accounting the water I would throw away every day for 5 days, both at work and at home. In total, I documented 312 liters going down the drain, although I know my total waste during that lapse of time was actually bigger.

When washing, water basically goes from the tap to the drain, only deviating and slowing down its pace when encountering objects/bodies in the way but, soon after that, it’ll be gone anyway. This action consists in making for representing the water gone and, hopefully, making those ephemeral moments of water being wasted more palpable through longer lasting forms.

The first object is a 1:1 scale representation of the actual volume that the 312 liters of water would occupy in a space. The second one is a 1:10 scale version of the former, filled with water from different dish washings and solidified using gelatin for capturing the moment of waste.

Object 1

A 67,8 cm3 wire cube (312 L).

Object 2

A 6,8 cm3 wire + gelatin cube. Gelatin testing and process.



Diving into

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