ACTION 7bis STUDIO I - Student Directed Action

7bis. There used to be water in here

After Action 7, I kept the gelatin cube in the fridge to observe how it would deteriorate over time. It finally sat there for around 12 days. Some hours before going to the airport for leaving Denmark and moving to Vancouver, I took the cube out to document the collapse. As I was getting out of time, I decided to use a hairdryer for speeding up the process. After a few minutes, I realized I was again wasting resources, in this case, electricity. Eventually, the water was gone and all that was left was a dry, stiff gelatin skin holding aged small pieces of food, all framed by the slightly deformed wire structure. The action ended as it started: with a photograph of stuff in a garbage bag. During the process, I managed to capture the moment of the waste but, in the end, the water was all gone anyway.

With waste it all began, with waste it all ended.

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