ACTION 8 STUDIO I - Student Directed Action

8. Surroundings

This action is the result of drawing with no gadgets involved and not trying to represent anything at all, just drawing by hand for observing and reflecting. These illustrations started as relaxing, unpretending doodlings that at some point became an action. I was still doodling when I noticed that after some minutes of drawing, my hands were moving smoother and lighter and the traces were following that trend as well. I then decided to approach these illustrations as an exercise for connecting with my hands during the drawing process and for acknowledging and identifying the changes in my movements, positions, pressure, speed, and grip. After several minutes it also became some kind of hand-pen-paper connection assessment exercise.

The first drawing started from a dot being surrounded by a closely drawn circle, and a new circle surrounding that circle, and so on. In the next illustrations, I replaced the dot with a line as the starting point. The main idea was to always follow the preceding line as closely as possible, including the “inconsistencies” -or those moments when the hand and line went on its own and a little out of the route-. As a result, at any given point, curves may appear and pronounce more and more even when the starting point was a straight line. The last two drawings include both lines and dots as well as interruptions as an exploration of density and texture.

It was late at night when I was making most of these drawings. While giving a little rest to the eyes and getting away from the paper and the compressed lines, I looked at the glass of water and the cell phone lying aside and the connection with Action 7 and the retro illuminated gelatin cube came to my head. I turned off the lights, put the cell phone standing behind the glass, and started playing around with the papers, the light, perspective, superposition, and translucency.

I can say I really enjoyed doing this action.

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