A Daily Practice

Prompt 2 – Daily making

Video of King Fisher fishing, Qualicum Beach, Summer 2021, McDonnell

Statement of Intent:

The more we ‘see’ the interconnectedness of all things, the ‘oneness’ of all things, the less we, and the world, suffer.

If Art could help us ‘see’ the interconnectedness of all things, the ‘oneness’ of all things, what would it look like?


A Gift for Rob

Prompt 1 – ‘The Opal Cone’

After hanging with Rob, both in the studio and the brewery, I got the feeling that he could handle himself in the outdoors. An avid surfer, climber and skier, he talked enthusiastically about the outdoor beauty of British Columbia. I share this love of the wild. So, it seemed straight forward to make Rob a gift related to the outdoors.

I had first thought of making a small piece of camping gear but, after some thought, it seemed like Rob, having worked at MEC, probably had all the gear he needed. Also, people can be a little particular about their own gear. Plus, I had a new idea of making a ‘map’ of one of my favorite multi-day hikes.

See Image Above.