Action 6 : Amplifying | Ñande Yvy | Nuestra Tierra

I will investigate amplifying, borderlines and ecologies of knowledge through community, social engagement and relational design”

Planetary Boundaries | Ecologies of Knowledge

We live in a world divided into plots, where being an owner, a colonizer meant to snatch, take away and with that to harm the possibility of a future.

The borderlines exist to show off sovereignty, material belongings, political autonomy, hegemonic power and in consequence repression, marginalization, expulsion, diaspora.

When Gloria Anzaldua describes borderlines as open wounds, it takes me to reflect about the different layers of wounds that exist: The wound of the immigrant that cannot “trespass…”, the wound of the indigenous nations that haven’t created those borders and don’t belong to them. The wound of the millenary cultures which recognize the river as a brother or a sacred entity, while in the modern maps the river divides, ruptures, creates the wall, the limit and it is patrolled by national armies.

How many more wounds do we want to open? How many more wounds can we actually open? 

Borderlines move with wars, with deaths and they are negotiated with treaties. They are divided among political entities and global powers, but, our planetary boundaries? How do we negotiate those borders?

The nine Planetary Boundaries | Stockholm Resilience Centre

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