Action 10 | In Transit | Tapépe

Which journeys do we choose? What land do we recognize? What limits can we afford?

Storytelling, how do we come and go. Who are the people we see, how do they see us? In the moment of reckoning, there are stops, waiting rooms, the absence of our own self searching for answers. When we say together, we mean proximity, awareness of the other, empathy…What is together when we barely look at each other, when our masks go beyond the virus and are worn on our hearts, when racism, gender and sexual discrimination are reasons for erasure and omission?

Race, gender, sex, class travel wit us, our intersections, our definition. How do we untangle this preconception of identity, to restore our humanity and our sense of the world?

Pandemic journey
Are we together?
Empty Hallways at Miami Intl. Airport November, 2020
Miami Int. Airport 6:00 pm
Let’s not look at each other
Waiting sometimes hurts

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