Practicing Joy

I made this drawing while thinking about what it felt like to be a kid drawing with chalk on the sidewalk in the summer. I always used to draw fireworks. As a kid, they were synonymous with joy in my life. I have been making the conscious effort to practice finding moments of joy in my everyday life. Making this drawing was one of those moments.

Mind Map on Practice

This is a mind map that I did at the beginning of the semester while trying to understand more about my art practice. I’m not sure if it cleared anything up for me but it did help me understand how fundamental my lived practices are within my making practice.


In stillness, I am okay.

In breathing, I am okay.

In listening, I am okay.

In seeing, I am okay.

In feeling, I am okay.

In walking, I am okay.

In documenting, I am okay.

In collecting, I am okay.

In making, I am okay.

In being, I am okay.