“Mi casa es tu casa” – My house is your house

by Shraddha Kumbhar and Daniela Monserrat

October 26th, 2021

Duration: 2 weeks

This project was a part of Grad Studio Course. The main objective was to work in a team of two and design an engaging service or an experience for studio-mates. My teammate – Monserrat and I decided to start brainstorming on our interests and narrowed down to Mental Health as our main topic, and as both are industrial designers we wanted to explore different ways we could use our common skill sets.

Through “Mi casa es tu casa” we wanted to create a reliable virtual environment on Spatial app, that allows everyone to open up about their deepest thoughts but at the same time not get pressured and enjoy the process. Therefore we came up with a concept of “talk without talking” in which we conducted an activity inspired from art therapy and team building. Interview with a psychologist who practices art therapy was done in order to get insights. Explorations of softwares such as Adobe Aero, Cinema4D, Unity, Rhino, and Keyshot was done in order to create best results of 3D models and AR. The following images were presented in a form of storytelling.

Process Images:

Team Exploration Space
Team Exploration Space
Exploration Space for Studiomates
Activity – Check Point
Mon’s Casa

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