An Alternate Aesthetic

For this project, I wanted to examine how objects determine or affect our behaviour. I was interested in the following questions: Is the pandemic forcing us to prioritize self-interest & our collective health at the expense of increased waste production? and, When presented with a choice, will the user select single reusable hand towels or […]

Action 11 – An Incomplete Conclusion

I spent a great deal of time reflecting on the semester when considering my Action 11. What I realized is how this studio allowed me to break down my process. It taught me to change the way I work and how to allow things to inform me. Before this studio, my entire process was governed […]

Action 10 – An Objects Story

While working on Actions 8 and 9, it was clear that I wanted to establish a new track to accompany my work this semester. It is important in my practice to consider what the artifact/object asks the participant to do. What kind of behaviors does it encourage and how does it inform us? The Narrative […]

Action 9 – Resi-llumination

In action 8, I used lighting design and the inspirational work of a colleague to inform my action. In this action, I sought to combine this inspiration with the multi-materials of Action 9 to inform my process. The first thing I did was create a sample block made of pine and walnut which I laminated […]

Action 8 – Let it Shine

“Maybe you’ll find direction, around some corner where it’s been waiting to meet you” – Robert Hunter During Action 7, I was given the opportunity to see a project Chiara Schmidtt was working on and it blew me away. The way the light reflected/refracted through the sage paper lamp was mesmerizing. As I began to […]

Action 7 – Blue Islands in the Pine

I will investigate furniture design, through material exploration. Utilizing my experiences in Action 6, I wanted to explore my investigation into a material study of resin. It is a new material form me. I’ve been wanting to use epoxy, however its near impossible to locate in Qatar due to shipping laws. But I was able […]

Action 6 – Into the Turquoise

I will investigate Relational Design, through the actions of environmental interactions

Action 5 – Teleportations

At the end of Action 4, I was left with some questions as a result of my actions During the Graduate symposium, I was fortunate to see the incredible work of my colleagues in the MFA and MDes program. I was able to draw upon the unique perspectives of second year MFA student Mathew Vees […]

Action 4 – Step Out and Look Wider – Generation

After completing Action 3, I was able to have my one-on-one session.  It was extremely helpful, but forced me to confront my entire process.   In Action 3, my stretch lexicon incorporated the words “transform” and “construct”.  I was trying to “expand the screen”.  While my initial, literal interpretation of this led me into a […]

Action 3 – Extending and Seeking

Initially, my thoughts for this action focused on two elements: “Extend the Screen” and “Transform the Studio”. For me, this meant looking at my zoom screen and trying to extend that screen into a studio space. I suppose I took this quite literally. This idea drove me crazy and I hit the wall. I tried […]