Action 7 – Blue Islands in the Pine

I will investigate furniture design, through material exploration.

Utilizing my experiences in Action 6, I wanted to explore my investigation into a material study of resin. It is a new material form me. I’ve been wanting to use epoxy, however its near impossible to locate in Qatar due to shipping laws. But I was able to obtain some Smooth On 326 resin. I also wanted to expand on Action 3 and enhance my studio. Working on a fold up desk for the semester has been very utilitarian. So for this action I wanted to build a desk for my studio, using mixed materials, that embodied my favorite place in the world…..Hawaii!

Once my material had been planed, biscuit joined, and sanded, I needed to start considering how it would look. So I began to model, render, and create a CAM file.

Once the modeling and CAM files were complete, it was time to begin the milling process.

And then it was time for the resin pour.

Because of the size and complexity of the tabletop and resin, I decided to use a planing router bit on the CNC as oppose to a planer or sander.

The desk still needs to be chamfered, sanded, and finished, so this is a temporary image.

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