Action 9 – Resi-llumination

In action 8, I used lighting design and the inspirational work of a colleague to inform my action. In this action, I sought to combine this inspiration with the multi-materials of Action 9 to inform my process.

The first thing I did was create a sample block made of pine and walnut which I laminated together. I then created digital models, renderings, and CAM for the project itself.

After the initial CNC routing, I filled the pocket with a combination of resin and dye, going back to a combination that employed the turquoise color of action 6

I then flip milled the block, pocketing out a large square shape that would give me room and options for adding lighting to the block.

I was quite happy with these results. I feel like the combination of mixed materials and LED lighting has been an incredible union.

However, my question now focuses to the artifact itself and how it informs us. It is important for me to start to investigate how the object/artifact connects to the participant/observer. How does it influence our decision making? What does it ask us to do? How do we change the way we interact with the object/artifact?

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