Action 10 – An Objects Story

While working on Actions 8 and 9, it was clear that I wanted to establish a new track to accompany my work this semester. It is important in my practice to consider what the artifact/object asks the participant to do. What kind of behaviors does it encourage and how does it inform us?

The Narrative is a key component in my research methods. World building and storytelling drive and inform so many of my actions. The prompt for this action couldn’t have come at a better time. I decided to investigate Action 10 through storyboarding.

Storyboarding is something I have never done. I use to draw when I was a child but then I stopped. In fact, I’m quite self-conscious with regards to drawing as they are quite bad. However, going against the grain and making myself vulnerable has been a theme for my actions during this studio.

I utilized the video resource posted by Zach to help me find a starting point. And then I began to explore ideas to investigate.

I decided to create a series of vignettes that revolve around certain objects in my life that have changed over time, creating new situations and forcing us to react in new ways.

The next one is the last but not the least. I find it to be the most interesting because of the circular nature of its journey. In some way, the idea of this intrigues me the most because of the choice we make.

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