Action 11 – An Incomplete Conclusion

I spent a great deal of time reflecting on the semester when considering my Action 11. What I realized is how this studio allowed me to break down my process. It taught me to change the way I work and how to allow things to inform me.

Before this studio, my entire process was governed by outcome based decision making. I was not taking the time let things happen. The optimal result was the only goal.

Through this studio, I learned to explore things and be motivated by the result despite the outcome. In fact, I found this process to be more exciting and invigorating.

The making process for this studio has been informed in variety of ways. From the directions and work of others, ecology, materials exploration, light, world building, storyboards, local craft and urban landscapes.

However, for this action, I wanted to conclude the project that encapsulates everything. Our initial prompt was the extend the studio space. When beginning this studio, this seemed like in immense challenge. I felt boxed into a virtual space, literally. That barrier does not exist anymore. Through the studio class and interconnection with others in my cohort, I’ve been able to feel completely supported and inspired. The only thing that remains, is a fold out table that has been functioning as my work table.

So for action 11, I chose to finish a desk to link my working space, all of the artifacts, notes, miro boards, LED lights, post its, and digital spaces.

The next step was to add steel hairpin legs.

So while this may be a conclusion to Studio, it’s only the beginning for where my practice will lead. I hope to utilize everything I’ve learned in this class and for to allow that to guide my way and inform my actions throughout the rest of the Masters program and beyond.

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