An Alternate Aesthetic

For this project, I wanted to examine how objects determine or affect our behaviour. I was interested in the following questions:

Is the pandemic forcing us to prioritize self-interest & our collective health at the expense of increased waste production?


When presented with a choice, will the user select single reusable hand towels or several disposable paper towels/tissues?

My goal was to to provide an environmentally friendly alternative that eliminates paper waste for hand washing/sanitizing.

In order to achieve this, I needed to examine the spaces which I inhabit on a regular basis. This includes my home, my work, and my yoga studio.

In both my work and yoga studio, the only choices were paper towels or kleenex boxes. At home, there is an additional option with hand towels which are reused extensively before being washed. By adding one more option could I change the tendency to reach for the disposable? How can I create and aesthetically pleasing reusable hand towel dispensing object, which encourages the user to consider ecological impact when performing the routine act of hand washing?

I began with a series of sketches, selecting the features I prefered. I then began to model the prototype.

Rather than waste any more material, I chose to create a digital prototype from cardboard, and will then fabricate the final object.

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