For this project, I chose four themes that would encapsulate my research up to this point.  It was important that I considered the direction or tracks that I would be using going forward.  The four themes are: Connections Explorations Realizations Narrative Connections For me, this theme investigates my own personhood.  This stems from my environment […]


Anatomy Blocks

Choice & Probability

I would like to thank Chiara Schmitt, Marcia Higuci, Meghna Mitra, and April Tian for their participation in this studio project. It would not have been possible without their incredible contributuion. For this project, I wanted to explore choice and probability a little further while still considering the questions that have been driving my practice. […]

An Alternate Aesthetic

For this project, I wanted to examine how objects determine or affect our behaviour. I was interested in the following questions: Is the pandemic forcing us to prioritize self-interest & our collective health at the expense of increased waste production? and, When presented with a choice, will the user select single reusable hand towels or […]

Action 11 – An Incomplete Conclusion

I spent a great deal of time reflecting on the semester when considering my Action 11. What I realized is how this studio allowed me to break down my process. It taught me to change the way I work and how to allow things to inform me. Before this studio, my entire process was governed […]

Action 10 – An Objects Story

While working on Actions 8 and 9, it was clear that I wanted to establish a new track to accompany my work this semester. It is important in my practice to consider what the artifact/object asks the participant to do. What kind of behaviors does it encourage and how does it inform us? The Narrative […]

Action 9 – Resi-llumination

In action 8, I used lighting design and the inspirational work of a colleague to inform my action. In this action, I sought to combine this inspiration with the multi-materials of Action 9 to inform my process. The first thing I did was create a sample block made of pine and walnut which I laminated […]

Action 8 – Let it Shine

“Maybe you’ll find direction, around some corner where it’s been waiting to meet you” – Robert Hunter During Action 7, I was given the opportunity to see a project Chiara Schmidtt was working on and it blew me away. The way the light reflected/refracted through the sage paper lamp was mesmerizing. As I began to […]

Action 7 – Blue Islands in the Pine

I will investigate furniture design, through material exploration. Utilizing my experiences in Action 6, I wanted to explore my investigation into a material study of resin. It is a new material form me. I’ve been wanting to use epoxy, however its near impossible to locate in Qatar due to shipping laws. But I was able […]