Action 6 – Into the Turquoise

I will investigate Relational Design, through the actions of environmental interactions

Action 5 – Teleportations

At the end of Action 4, I was left with some questions as a result of my actions During the Graduate symposium, I was fortunate to see the incredible work of my colleagues in the MFA and MDes program. I was able to draw upon the unique perspectives of second year MFA student Mathew Vees […]

Action 4 – Step Out and Look Wider – Generation

After completing Action 3, I was able to have my one-on-one session.  It was extremely helpful, but forced me to confront my entire process.   In Action 3, my stretch lexicon incorporated the words “transform” and “construct”.  I was trying to “expand the screen”.  While my initial, literal interpretation of this led me into a […]

Action 3 – Extending and Seeking

Initially, my thoughts for this action focused on two elements: “Extend the Screen” and “Transform the Studio”. For me, this meant looking at my zoom screen and trying to extend that screen into a studio space. I suppose I took this quite literally. This idea drove me crazy and I hit the wall. I tried […]

Action 2 – Terroir

Before executing my action, I utilized the directions of my partner, Angela Dione. Angela gave me 7 incredible narratives, that all represent important moments in her life and how they relate to this dish. It ‘s this narrative that drove my action. I instantly equated the music I listened to as a 14 year old […]

Action 1 – Starting from the ground

When trying to explore what constitutes ‘Home’ for me personally, I’m caught in the middle of two communities: the physical and the ancestral. The physical not only includes my geographical location, it includes the western cultures that I was born and raised in. These communities are fundamentally based on an ideology centered around assimilation (ie. […]