Spring 2021


User Generated Parametric Design

For this first project I wanted to explore the possibilities of designing 3 dimensional artifacts via user generated parameters. To begin I generated a model script that was set up to have a certain number of input parameters each with a certain numeric value attached. In order to receive a high differentiation from my cohort, I conducted a survey without telling them what the data would be used for. I was essentially asking random questions with each possible answer corresponding to a certain input parameter.

By creating this survey, I could then create a model that is parametrically intrinsic to someone’s personal responses to the questions. In order to keep the responses relatively sporadic, I tried not to give questions that would alert people to what their answers would correspond to within the model. Overall this project was an exercise in exploring possibilities of parametric differentiation within a single design framework, as well as creating a project that I could share with my cohort as an ode to our continued collaboration.


Visualizing Individual Waste Streams

As designers we are constantly considering the ways in which we participate in consumer waste and often look at ways to quantify the un-seeable. Through forms of augmented reality I have generated a model that quantifies the waste of electronic consumer products that own and have owned in the past. By visualizing this extensive network of waste that I have created throughout my life it can help me to consider ways in which I can begin to intervene with my own actions as a consumer. Within the fabricated web each connection point represents different kinds of objects that are intrinsic to waste and the mining of rare earth minerals that are necessary for consumer electronics.


Creating Digital Space