Prompt 4: Inquiry

“The way we eat is biologically predetermined, but rather molded by our culture”
Sonja Stummerer & Martin Hablesreiter

For this prompted we were asked to define a research process conducted by our inquiry in a specific area of design that sparks our attention. For me, this meant to centre my practice in one specific theme. I previously had worked some projects related to self-care, anxiety, mental-health and meditative practices. However, for this prompt I wanted to also explore another topic: food. This is a huge field and it touches so much of our complex life, but also, I think that there are specific areas within this field that can be explore deeply, or with other perspectives. In this case a wanted to explore the intimate relation that we have with food and how this relation overlaps with design, especially with the graphic representation of food. Images that are building our relationship with food, and that are shaping our experiences when we get, prepare and eat food.

I started this research defining the framework in a way that I could explore this particular interest. I consider to frame the project with autno-ethonagrphical and phenomenological methodologies. The first ones would allow me to investigate an intimate and domestic space, taking my own habits and practices as the objects of study; the latter ones would let me put special emphasis in the experiences and personal perspectives on how I interact we the language of food.

For this I used different methods: I made a photo documentation, and also wrote some of my reflections and experiences as a journal, I also wrote a recipe, and made a photo session, called Food Portraits, to explore the way food representation can be express. This last exercise also brought a reflection about how my identity and a personal was reflected there.