About me

Diego Hernandez

Email: dhernandez@ecuad.ca
Studio location: C3234
Portfolio: www.studiomuga.com

I’m an interdisciplinary designer specialized in communication design, editorial, and photography. I’ve been immersed in a variety of projects developing branding, creating logotypes, making books, designing typography, and working with different printed media.

I have a bachelor of Architecture in the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM). I continued my developed as a designer focusing in different fields such as editorial design, brand identity, and typography. I made a Photography Diploma at ADM, in Mexico City. I’m currently in the MDes (interdisciplinary) program at Emily Carr University of Art and Design.

Communication Design | Editorial Design | Typography | Photography | Food Design | Everyday life | Graphic language | Food production/consumption | Public Space | Design Ethics | Care Practices | Peripheral Identities | Queer communities | Storytelling | Wellness

Research themes:

What is the potential of design in our daily life?
How can design can help us in our routine and practices in a way that allow us to be more healthy and less stressed?
How can design can contribute to the awareness and discourse of themes that are not so visible (peripherical)?
What strategies could graphic design, and in particular editorial design, type design, and photography can create to bring different critical discourses to a more visible form?
How can design improve our food production/consumption practices?
How can we rethink the own practice of design in a way that it is less stressful more enjoyable and more critical? Specially in an environment that is pushing the other way.
How can design can create an awareness of processes that lead people take better decisions (more informed)?

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