About me

ECU email: easia@easia
Studio space: Room D3320
Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/erikasia
Behance: behance.net/erikasia_

Hi, I’m Erik Asia!

I recently just graduated with a BFA in Industrial Design in July 2022 from the University of the Philippines Diliman. I am interested in research and design education which has led me to take up an MDes (Interdisciplinary) degree. I am fascinated with everyday objects as an Industrial Designer and also with the concept of ‘time’.

Everyday life | Tangibles | Temporal Dimension | Familiarity | Form Exploration

How do mundane ordinary objects affect our perception of the everyday?
Undergraduate Thesis: WHITESPACE (2022)
Prompt 1: Across Time Zones (2022)
Prompt 2: A Visualization of a Week
in Between Time Zones (2022)
Prompt 3: Form Study of Experiential Time (2022)