Current Direction

At the centre of my practice there seems to be three concepts that roll around together in my artistic research: the mundane, collage and joy. There is so much to gleam from the mundane, it’s a base, the foundation upon which we live. The mundane is rich with potential. When I speak of the mundane, I mean to say my version of the mundane. My mundane is only that because of where I am situated, both culturally and physically. The mundane can so easily become consequential, I wish to commemorate how this happens through my work. My creative process has its origin in collage. My work of cutting up and obscuring the source images allows for people experiencing my work to create their own narrative about a space I have my own knowledge about. And joy, joy is why I am alive. I live to feel it, express it, share it. I make work that allows for this.

Through my practice I want to explore how joy can overpower, obstruct, obfuscate, or excite the negative. Felling joy while I paint and allowing others into that joy when they experience the work is what I strive for.  I have a thirst for new perspectives, new ways of knowing, new ways of seeing. By obscuring the mundane, I allow myself and others to escape into a world that is familiar but not known. A joyful exaggeration of what we pass by every day.

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