*research statement (for open studio)*

email: hhuang52158@ecuad.ca
studio location: C3234
website: howsem.net

bio: Howsem Huang is a designer and artist based in Vancouver, Canada. He finished his BFA degrees at California College of the Arts in graphic design and photography. His practices mainly focus on book design and examine his intersecting identity of being a diasporic Cantonese-Chinese.

keywords: Print, Publish, Bookmaking, Independent Publish in China, Diasporic Identity

research questions/key themes: As independent publishing rises in the recent ten years, art book fairs occure around the earth. Many art book fairs also emerge in China, where a heavy censorship lives in every aspects of people’s life. For my thesis research, I want to study printed matter’s role in modern censorship by diving into the independent publishing enviornment in China.

Hey there, Democracy is good!, 2019
intertwined, 2021
世界末日大平賣, 2022