Short films

Stop motion: ZOMBIE HILL (2021)

Short stop-motion animation. What if the cult classic Notting Hill was set during a zombie apocalypse? Starring zombie Julia Roberts and heartthrob survivalist Hugh Grant.

The audio was pulled from the movie. Everything else was made by me: directing, storyboarding, animation, editing. The stop motion animation was completed in the span of three weeks in the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design 3D Digital Design program.

Short film: WOLF (2022)

Directed, and co-written with my classmates in the Film and Concepts class at ECUAD. I am currently auditing it. These students were stellar, and worked cooperatively very well!

Short Animation: Plenty-O-fish (2022)

As part of my MDes Studio prompt – material. I loved exploring frame-by-frame animation, particularly since I’m not too familiar with digital design.

Commercial – Bauxes (2021)

We all need ’em, but where can you get the best of the boxes?

Written, animated and directed by me in the span of two weeks during my films concept class at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design. The best memories I made were when I was hanging out with the 3D and animation students, truly was a highlight of my program!