A collection of fiction and non-fiction writing that were worked on over a collection of months.

Annecy Paysage 2022 competition application

I squished my proposal application in this page, in part because of how prideful I am about working with my sister to create a great art installation design + proposal for an international application.

Creative writing

Writing from the imagination. It’s fun to let it run free. I’ve attached a few samples of my creative writing below.

World building: The town of Bellevue

The town of Bellevue was a world-building exercise. I decided to continue exploring the universe by writing an outline for a feature-length film script.

World breakdown – G CHAIR analysis

I had a blast analysing The Last of Us II in my world building class. Thought I was attending the Aboriginal Arts Program, I took an elective in the Digital Design program to learn more about creating stories in digital media.

Some of my favourite memories are from this class.

Personal creative writing

As part of my regular practice, I enjoy creating short bursts of creative writing. I’ve attached a few examples below.

The Beekeeper’s Garden

Reflection: The Lightning Snake