Fall 2021 Configuration #85 | process documentation

October 24 to 31st, 2021
Sculpture Gallery ECUAD,

Saturday October 23rd
With the help of an assistant, this time I was able to installed a second iteration of my boxes. 117 in total to be precise. This time I think the relationship with the window size is more obvious. Now I am waiting for the sun to pass through the space to document properly and get the full effect. Stay tuned. More photos to come.

Wednesday October 27th – The gift of light
I was checking on my installation this morning when the sun started to peaked out. What a gift. The best viewing experience is really between 9-10am when the sun lines up perfectly with the installation. This is what I was hoping to witness. There is more sunshine in the forecast so stay tuned for me documentation.

Documented between 9:45 to 10am on Wednesday October 27th, 2021.

Thursday October 28th – Night view
The rain has finally stopped and I came in at night to document the view from outside. If you pay attention, you can actually see the boxes peaking through the window from the ground plaza at the South East corner of the building. I also came and place the artworks title properly on the wall just in time for my critique tomorrow morning.

Friday October 29th, 2021 – Critique day
I got lucky and was blessed with the sunshine for the critique. It started to show up at around 8:30 am and was shining till the end of the critique. Everybody was able to experience the installation in the best light condition, and that I have no control over!

Saturday morning, October 30th, 2021 – SUNRISE!
I didn’t missed the sunrise this morning and it was quite beautiful. I am so glad I was able to witness all of it’s moments. Have a look.

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