About Blair

About Blair

Hi! My name is Blair Muxiang Yu and I am currently a 1st-year MDes’ Interaction design student at Emily Carr, I’m also a communication designer graduated from Emily Carr in 2022. As a design student, creative thinker and researcher, my design interest lies in co-designing with other people, valuing others’ expertise, designing through storytelling and exploring methods and materials: AR, 3D modelling, illustration, yarn, riso printing, and more.

Email: myu27552@myu27552
Find Blair at her studio desk in C3234

Keywords for Blair’s practice

  • Design for care
  • Participatory design
  • Co-designing
  • Communication design
  • Design through storytelling

Research direction and Interests

What does care mean to you? In your language/culture?

  • I want to work with the community, to bring in other people’s insights and expertise
    into my project.
  • I want to explore multiple interaction design methods, both digital and in-person experiences.

Portfolio work

co-design project with yarn
Website design to show support for the Asian communities in North America during the pandemic. Check it out here: https://www.connect.ecuad.ca/~myu27552/index.html
Type museum exhibition to value and acknowledge the history of the first Chinese computer font.
A project designed by Blair Yu and Michelle Zheng for supporting a local business (Alphabet City) in Vancouver during the pandemic in 2020 ( above design by Blair)