To Yourself: Abnormal photobooth


A project by Blair Muxiang Yu & Siddhant Singh


  1. The action of helping or doing work for someone.
  2. A system supplying a public need such as transport, communications, or utilities such as electricity and water.

“Journey as a student can be tough, but should not be lonely! While you embark on this adventure, take a moment to share how you feel today, with yourself in the future.’

About this project

For this project, our goal was to create a meaningful and heartwarming service for our audience. We decided to design an ‘Abnormal Photo/Video booth that will act like a time capsule/graduation yearbook.
The booth we set up will capture the participant’s current moments (in 2022) and share these valuable memories with their future self in 2024 (during graduation week).
This photobooth idea was inspired by the Photo sticker vending machine from the 2000s (this used to be my favourite thing to do with friends after school). What was interesting to our group about this photo booth was the action of capturing a moment, even though we are providing the service, but the participant has the freedom to record whatever they want. For this booth, we will be setting up a private space with secure curtains. We want to make sure that we are creating a safe and comfortable environment for participants to access and to embed their own value within the documentation/picture.

Due to the limited amount of time we have for this project, we decided to build this photobooth idea on a platform that is available to us: Instagram

Assests designs: Left 1 poster designed by Siddhant, 3 posters on the right designed by Blair. Left 1 and Right 1 will be displayed around the school for promoting our service and for people to scan the QR code to book an appointment. The middle two posters are placed within the booth to provide instructions and question prompts.

Our Audiences

Our targeted audiences are cohorts who are enrolled in the ECUAD Master’s program (Class of 2024), and Graduate Studies faculty members.
We want to begin small by targeting classmates in our program first and then skilling it up to open up to the entire community at Emily Carr. Ideally, we will partner with the ECU Student wellness and Student Union to have this time capsule photo/video booth service as a permanent service at Emily Carr.

How to participate + what to expect

To participate, you will need to sign up for a time slot by scanning the QR code or accessing via the signup link. When it’s time for your appointment, come to the booth located at D3325, take a seat at the venue, choose your preferred filter & hit record. Please choose one prompt display on the wall and don’t forget to smile! When you are done, you can go ahead to hit save + share and it is vaulted with us until your graduation!

Filter designs for the photo-booth. Left frame designed by Siddhant, middle & right frames designed by Blair
Photobooth Prototype setup in D3325
The mobile booking system. Designed by Siddhant. Participants will use this platform to book an booth appointment.

Visual Designs

The idea of a photobooth links back to the Photo sticker vending machine in the 2000s. For this project, we want our audience to feel the nostalgic vibe and to feel invited, so we created little assets like stars and flower stickers to add to the idea of 2000s’ y2k culture. (the stickers also represents the idea of inviting our participants to decorate their own image/video frame).

We thought about some participants might feel anxious or overwhelmed around a camera, so we picked out a few cool tone colours as our main palette for design assets to create a calm and chill experience.

Adobe Fonts: IvyMode SemiBold, Optima, and Ceria.

Design Prototype + Details

Spark AR was the software we used to create the AR frames on Instagram. We went through a lot of testing and experimenting the AR animations.

Installing and testing process.

In the future, we are planning to increase more time slots for participants to book, and to partner up with ECUAD’s student union or student wellness program to allow access to more audiences. We are also thinking of including free takeaways like stickers, instant polaroids, riso posters and more. And to upgrade our service with more secure storage and scheduling social accelerators software like “Later”.