04. Inquiry

MEET HER. SHE IS ME. I AM HER. This is a zine that is a start point to my thesis work. It is a representation of black women aesthetics like their hair and nail designs. My inquiry has been Inspired by my previous prompt “The Strong Black Woman”, as well as a representation of myself, being a black woman.

Nya Lewis’ hybrid practice is a culmination of centuries of African resistance, love, questions, actions, study and embrace rooted in the theorization of the conditions of Black cultural production.

She is also a graphic designer, she studied at OCAD U, and from Toronto. (LIKE ME)

Nov 24,2022: Nya Lewis was invited as a guest speaker at Emily Carr to talk about her recent works, including graphic design and exhibition design. During her presentation Nya states a comment that still sits with me and is something that I need to work on as a designer.

Her statement: "instead of wanting to PROVE, just keep designing"

THEN THERE'S ME: who is on a roller coaster ride of wanting to prove!!!


I wanted my prompt to be editorial and aesthetically pleasing. I WANTED TO BE EXTRA WITH IT. I wanted to play with typography nad imagery in my composition.

The zine’s concept was to experiment with imagery and typography. I didn’t want a lot of body text, but rather a flip book with enough subject matter.

I don’t wear my stiletto or coffin acrylic nails as an act of rebellion, but as a reminder that Black women are the moment and will forever be the moment.