AR Souvenirs- Relive the experience!

Saving the concert ticket or pass as a souvenir is a habit for many for us. But what if we could add a twist to it and make the pass come alive on screen? Imagine if these passes could be turned into souvenirs without spending an extra penny!   

These were the questions and thoughts that popped into our heads and thus, for project 2, Dhanvi and I worked together to create AR based souvenirs for K-pop fans. Since it was a short project and we needed to focus on a very narrow space, we decided that this service would be in collaboration with BTS, one of the most famous K-pop groups.

The service:

BTS has a very huge fanbase called ‘Army’, while the official lightstick is called ‘Army bomb’. Their concerts are usually filled with army bombs glittering. Our service provides an opportunity for the fans to get to experience the glow and glitter of the lightstick at their homes.

Fans will not have to buy an additional souvenir, as the pass they have purchased from ‘Weverse’, the official platform, will get converted into one, as they follow a few easy steps. This will also give the fans a sense of receiving a gift from their idols as a token of appreciation for attending the concert!

How does it work?

There are a few very easy steps that the user has to follow to get the experience of AR based lightsticks!

Step 1: User purchases a concert ticket from Weverse.
Step 2: After attending the concert, s/he scans the QR code on the ticket and follows the instructions for converting the pass into a souvenir.
Illustrated origami instructions for converting pass into souvenir
Step 3: User scans the souvenir as shown on the screen and a live AR based lightstick pops up on his/her screen!

Here is a video representation of the entire process for a better understanding!

Why souvenirs and lightsticks?

As a gateway to nostalgia, souvenirs serve as perfect keys. K-pop fans especially place great value on lightsticks, and other souvenirs. Being part of an ocean of fans at a concert is an experience of a lifetime for many. As a way to preserve their memories, these fans collect photocards, lightsticks, concert tickets, and albums. 

Why AR based?

AR based experiences serve as a tangent between physical and digital experiences. It can provide a better sense of what the experience would be like in the real world.
This project aims to bring both physical and digital mediums together to help people relive the experiences they enjoyed to the fullest.

BTS (Behind the scenes):

My learnings:

This project provided me with a perspective of how a service does not always have to be something very huge or large in terms of scale, but also how a very small part of the system can also come under a service. It also gave me a chance to deep dive into the AR realm. It was interesting to learn and build an AR app.

There were many roadblocks in the process of learning a new software and building something from scratch, but we ultimately managed to complete what we aimed for. It helped me understand how not to get overwhelmed when an idea fails, but to think through with a calm mind and come up with an alternative or better way of achieving the end goal.