Rutuja Haldankar

Bio: A designer who enjoys exploring the various concepts, beliefs, and theories the world has to offer. My aim is to develop meaningful products and experiences based on thorough research of people’s ideologies, wants, and needs to create a small, but significant, change in their lives. 

Additionally, I am interested in the intersection of healthcare and design. By understanding the rural healthcare system’s gaps and providing a dedicated maternal care service, my bachelor’s thesis, titled ‘Abhaya’, sought to eliminate the rising deaths caused by postpartum hemorrhage in rural India.  

Having a bachelor’s degree in Product Design, my previous experience includes working as a Design Researcher at Tata Elxsi in Bengaluru, India for a year. 

Keywords for your practice/ research: Interaction and Service Design, UI/UX, Healthcare and Inclusive Design, Design Research.

Research questions/ key themes:  

  1. Understand the intersection of newer emerging technologies and inclusivity in design, especially from the perspectives of older generations – How would the older generations adapt to and interact with the modern technologies and concepts coming up such as VR, AR, NFTs etc. 
  1. Are the upcoming technologies a boon or bane to the healthcare industry? How would healthcare experts efficiently adapt to the new ways of working? 
  1. How can virtual space be more inclusive? E.g.: How would a visually impaired person interact with and experience AR or VR which is heavily based on visuals and sights?