Research Statement

Email: | Studio Space: Room C3234

My name is Sadaf and I’m a motion designer/video editor who recently moved to Vancouver from Tehran. I have a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design and have worked for national and international companies (such as Renault, Samsung, Nestle, and Rosch…) in various areas. I have worked in the branding and advertising industry for 7 years.

Keywords for my practice/research:
Immersive Design, Education, Interaction, Ethnomethodology, Deviant Design

Research questions/Key themes:
I am trying to learn and experience different environments in which individuals can create their own experiences using various platforms. Is it even possible to design this space? 

Specifically, I want to investigate ways to implement this approach in elementary base education. 

Therefore, I have been experiencing virtual reality applications and trying to find ways that I could create such a platform. My first attempt at VR was my latest studio project, that I developed a game using Unreal Engine.

Sample Works:

Game Development in Unreal Engine – 2022
Studio Stylists – Service Design Documentation – 2022
Forbidden Voices – Iranian Women – 2021
Song: Zan by Kiana Kiaras
Botion (The Beehive Potion) – 2020

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