Open Studio

One page introduction

About me Siddhant is an interdisciplinary designer in the MDES Interaction Design program with core expertise in UX and usability practices (BDES at MITID, India). With prior experience on enterprise products and services at Deloitte Digital, he finds himself exploring deeper narratives at play as humans interact with various evolving systems in the world.His passion […]

Discourse Grad Design Studio 1

Curiocity – A new dimension to city exploration

Understanding the project This interactive AR solution was presented as a discourse to various readings undertaken during the term. ‘Curiocity’ takes a stab at adding a new dimension to the iconic area/street banners across the city of Vancouver by creating use cases for the present and the future with the help of technology fueled by […]

Grad Design Studio 1

To yourself – An abnormal photobooth

Understanding the project As a task to create a service for an audience (Lucy Booth reference), this was a collaborative journey to create an abnormal photobooth that aims to capture a moment today, to share with your future self. A guided experience, much like introspective therapy to convey a feeling, a goal with yourself, a […]